Victoria is a vintage four-wheeled coach from the Furness Railway.



As Toby and Henrietta were busy taking workmen to and from Anopha Quarry every day, it was time that they needed another coach, and so one day, Thomas' driver found Victoria in a garden at Elsbridge.

A few days later, as Victoria arrived at the Works, she met Edward, who was inherited from the Furness Railway. Victoria told her flashback of her days on the Furness Railway with another coach named Helena and their engine, Albert, who one day, stopped outside a tunnel due to an avalanche of snow.

After her restoration, Edward brought her to the junction, where Thomas and Annie and Clarabel were waiting, and by Hackenbeck Tunnel, Terence had tilted his trailer due to building a barn which knocked a tree, but fortunately, Thomas, Annie and Clarabel and Victoria made it safely through and later, Victoria was coupled to Toby and Henrietta, who made "Toby's Vintage Train".

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