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"Come on, you dirty things! The bigger engines thinks that I can't keep to go on strike. Hmph! I'll show them!"
"Did he just call us dirty things?
- Ryan and Rickety

Truckus Ruckus

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The Importance of Being Billy

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The Mavis Matrix

Truckus Ruckus is the fifth episode of the twelfth season.


Last time Stafford the battery engine had an accident at the docks and the engines were cross that they had to fetch their own trains. Ryan was also upset that Stafford had his accident and thought they should all go on strike. The engines were still upset about Ryan's behavior then Edward and Percy remembered when three big engines went on strike but when they about to say their names James interrupted. Soon Stafford arrived with Rickety. the other Troublesome Trucks, especially S.C. Ruffey, were happy to see him. Rickety however was cross that he had to wait until the workmen would finish with Stafford, he then noticed some new trucks who are kind to the engines. S.C. Ruffey took offense thought it was time they showed the new trucks how to cause trouble. When it was time for them to be pulled by an engine, the trucks wanted to pay Stafford back, but he was taking the mail train, and when Ryan came he called them a dirty things this made them cross and started to pay him out. When Ryan arrived at the bridge the Troublesome Trucks pushed him on and on and crashed at the drawbridge. The Troublesome Trucks were delighted and cheered, then Ryan noticed a car in the sea and decided that if he told Sir Topham Hatt he hit at car he would not get in trouble. But when Sir Topham Hatt and Harvey arrived he didn't take any notice of Ryan he was more interested in the car. Sir Topham Hatt said this was the car the Sodor Railway Repair and Harvey saw this too. Then Sir Topham Hatt turned to Ryan he was cross with his actions and saying he doesn't know if he's going to let him stay or sent him away, and Ryan relized that his plan had indeed been backfired, knowing that Sir Topham Hatt said that the car had been swept on the shore and he is now in trouble once again indeed...


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Ryan y los camiones Ryan and the Trucks
French Ryan et les wagons de marchandises Ryan and the Freight Cars
German Ryan Lernt eine Lektion Ryan Learns a Lesson
Norwegian Aldri Mess med lastebil Never Mess with the Trucks
Swedish Ryan och bilar Ryan and Cars
Russian Грузовиками Take Down Райан The Trucks Take Down Ryan
Japanese トラックはナッシングトラブルです Trucks are Nothing But Trouble