Gray Troublesome Trucks

The Troublesome Trucks are mischievous rolling stocks and don't have names.

Bubblesome Trucks Edit

These trucks are full of bubbles.

Empty Grey Trucks Edit

These Trucks are mostly empty with no cargo in them.

Some new grey trucks are introduced in Season 15 with some cargo in them.

One of the empty trucks is the White Face Troublesome Truck.

Coal Trucks Edit

These trucks are always full of coal.

They were given a shot when Millie pulled them and Derailed at Ulfsted Castle.

Notable Coal Truck is Fred Pelhay.

Chocolate and Sweet Trucks Edit

These trucks are part of Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory and are full of chocolate and sweets.

One of them was Rickety, before he became a ballast truck in Season 12.

Giggling Troublesome Trucks Edit

These trucks have red tarps on them. They are usually part of goods trains or the Flying Kipper.


Ballast/Stone Trucks Edit

These trucks are always full of Ballast or Stone, and are pulled by Duck and Oliver on the Little Western.

Notable Ballast Trucks are S.C. Ruffey, and Rickety.

Troublesome Brakevans Edit

These vans are known for Salt Wagons or the Troublesome Brakevans.

BMQ Troublesome Trucks Edit

These Trucks are filled with stone or slate from the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Gallery Edit

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