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  • Plateway from Ward Fell to Balladwail is closed.
  • Skarloey arrived on Sodor for the opening of the Skarloey Railway.
  • Rheneas is built and arrives on Sodor.
  • Agnes, Ruth, Lucy, Jemima and Beatrice are built for the Skarloey Railway.

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  • Rheneas has a cab installed.

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  • Hunslet arrives on Sodor.
  • Freddie is built.

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  • Duke, Smudger, Mistress and Bertram are shipped to Sodor.
  • The Mid-Sodor Railway is opened.
  • Tim and Jennings are restored and sold to Mid Sodor Railway
  • Hunslet is left Sodor until his return in 1893.
  • Sir Topham Hatt I is born.
  • Boxhill is built.
  • Cromford is built.

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  • Victoria and Helena are built for the Furness Railway.
  • Pioneer is renumbered 6.
  • Albert is rebuilt, arrives on Sodor and took Pioneer's replace the number 5.

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  • Adams is built.
  • Cora is built for the Mid-Sodor Railway.

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  • Freddie is bought to the Mid-Sodor Railway.
  • David Hugh I is born.

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  • Albert is rebuilt.
  • Norman arrives on Sodor.

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  • Emily is built.
  • Proteus arrives on Sodor.
  • Bash and Dash are built.

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  • Mistress's boiler hit a gunshot and scrapped.
  • Pioneer fell off the Mountain Road and scrapped.
  • Bertram is renumbered 10.
  • Duchess is built, arrives on Sodor and took Mistress's replace the number 3.
  • Master is built, arrives on Sodor and took Bertram's replace the number 4.
  • Hunslet returns to Sodor and took Pioneer's replace the number 6.
  • Emily's Coaches are built.
  • Old Slow Coach is built.
  • Emily arrives on Sodor.

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  • John Arnold Norramby dies aged 72.
  • Bert is built.
  • Topham Hatt is apprenticed at Swindon Works.

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  • The Culdee Fell Railway is re-opened after receiving further maintenance following the events of Godred's accident.
  • Sir Topham Hatt comes to Sodor.
  • Lexi is built.
  • John is built.
  • Prince is re-tubed for a second time.

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  • Smudger is turned into a generator.
  • Bertram took Smudger's replace the number 2.
  • Proteus is bought to the Mid-Sodor Railway.
  • Hurricane is built.
  • Ferdinand is built.

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  • City of Truro becomes one of the first engines to reach 100 mph.
  • Duchess is going to be scrapped.
  • Master is lost and scrapped.
  • Falcon is built, arrives on Sodor and took Duchess's replace the number 3.
  • Stuart is built, arrives on Sodor and took Master's replace the number 4.
  • Flora and her tram coach are built.

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  • The line from Knapford to Tidmouth along the coast was destroyed by a strong autumn gale.
  • Using a treasury loan, A.W.Dry & Co put unemployed miners to work cutting a tunnel a ridge to Tidmouth.
  • The Elsbridge & Knaoford Railway reformed to become to Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge Light Railway.
  • Hunslet is left Sodor for a second time until his second return in 1923.
  • Jim arrives on Sodor and took Hunslet's replace the number 6.
  • Freddie is renumbered 8.
  • Atlas is renumbered 9
  • Alfred is renumbered 10.
  • Tim is rediscovered and took Freddie's replace the number 7.
  • John arrives on Sodor.
  • Jennings is rediscovered and is renumbered 12.

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  • Millie is built.
  • 15th June: The Reverend W. Awdry is born.
  • Barbare Jane, daughter of Sir Topham Hatt, is born.
  • Marion is built.
  • City of Truro is rebuilt.

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  • The Sodor & Mainland Railway went bankrupt.
  • Emily and Whiff are purchased by Sir Bertram Topham Hatt.
  • The North Western Railway is formed from the Sodor & Mainland Railway and the Tidmouth, Wellsworth and Suddery Railway.
  • Sir Charles Topham Hatt is born.
  • Toby is built.
  • 28th July: World War I begins.
  • Spencer's Coaches are built.
  • Ashima is built.
  • The Slip Coaches are built.
  • Millie arrives on Sodor.

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  • The North Western Railway is built.
  • Albert Regaby becomes chairman of the North Western Railway.
  • Thomas arrives on Sodor.
  • Lady is renumbered 3.
  • Edward arrives on Sodor and took Lady's replace the number 2.
  • The Ballahoo tunnel is built.
  • The Sodor Steamworks is established.
  • The North Western Railways' Motive Power Depot and Administrative Headquarters at Vicarstown are built.
  • The bridge over the Walney Channel is built.
  • Mr. Peter Sam is born.
  • Henry John Norramby dies aged 61.
  • Kevin Volley joins the North Western Railway as a lad/porter at Knapford.
  • Victor is built.

1916 Edit

  • The Cronk and Harwick Railway is unextended to Harwick.
  • The Tidmouth-Arlesburgh branch is built and opened.
  • Ned is built.
  • Tigermoth is built.
  • 10th August: George Edward Vere Awdry is born.
  • Andreas is built.

1917 Edit

  • Bash, Dash and Ferdinand are sent to the Mainland.
  • Baldwin is built and arrives on Sodor.
  • Stafford is built.
  • Hank is built.
  • Porter is built.
  • 98462 is built.

1918 Edit

  • Robert Charles is born.
  • 11th November: World War I ends.
  • Lady is left Sodor until his return in 1960.
  • The Red Tender Engine took Lady's replace the number 3.

1919 Edit

  • Henry is built.
  • Albert is scrapped.
  • Victoria and Helena are turned into non-wheel coaches.
  • Big Mickey is built.
  • Freddie is renumbered 13.
  • Jerry is built, arrives on Sodor and took Freddie's replace the number 8.

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  • Edward is officially sold to the North Western Railway.
  • Mr. Ivo Hugh is born.
  • Kevin Volley is promoted to a porter.
  • Julia Lang is born.
  • Edward Thomas is built.
  • The last engine of Toby's Brothers is built.

1922 Edit

  • Norman went back to his heritage railway.
  • Edward returns to the North Western Railway.
  • Gordon is built.
  • The Red Tender Engine's number removed.
  • Henry arrives on Sodor and took he to replace The Red Tender Engine's number 3.
  • Henry is overhauled.
  • 98462 and 87546 arrive on Sodor and are shortly sent packing.
  • Luke is built.
  • Patrick is built.
  • Baldwin is rebuilt.

1923 Edit

  • Flying Scotsman is built.
  • The Peel Godred Power Company and the North Western Railway planned to build a new branch line.
  • Baldwin is sent to work on the Sodor Aluminium Works.
  • Hunslet returns to Sodor for a second time.
  • Gordon arrives on Sodor and took the Express Coaches much to 98462's dismay.
  • Sir Topham Hatt becomes General Manager of the North Western Railway.
  • A second before is cut for the Ballahoo tunnel after Henry stops in the original.
  • Rex is built.
  • Victor and Luke are shipped to Sodor.
  • Luke is overhauled and bought to the Skarloey Railway.
  • Victor is repainted Red.
  • Kevin is built and arrives on Sodor.

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1925 Edit

  • The NWR/LMS agreement.
  • The North Western Railway starts running to Barrow-in-Furness.
  • 98462 and 87546 are sent to the LNER.
  • The Red Tender Engine went back to his/her heritage railway.
  • James arrives on Sodor, overhauled and is rebuilt.
  • The Motive Power Depot and Administrative Headquarters are moved to Tidmouth.
  • The Sodor Steamworks is expanded.
  • Pretty Polly is built.
  • Molly is escaped to Sodor.
  • The Toryreck mines begin to decline.
  • Thomas' Branch Line is extended to Ffarquhar.
  • Glynn is overhauled.

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  • Kevin Volley becomes a booking clerk of Elsbridge.
  • The road bridge crossing River Els at Elsbridge is widened to accommodate more traffic.
  • Trevor is built.
  • Nelson is built.
  • Vicarstown is rebuilt.
  • Caitlin is built.
  • Marklin is built.

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  • Toryreck mines are closed.
  • Philip is built.
  • Eric is built.

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  • Foreign Engine is built.
  • Oliver is built.
  • No. 4 is left Sodor and is unnumbered.
  • Neil, Clive, Matthew, Colin, Lily and Adam are left Sodor until his return in 2009.
  • Terence is built and arrives on Sodor.
  • Percy arrives on Sodor,
  • Albert Regaby steps down from his position as NWR chairman.
  • Gator is built.

1935 Edit

  • Henry is sent to be rebuilt at Crewe into an LMS Stanier Class 5 following his crash with the Flying Kipper.
  • The Isle of Man steamers stopped arriving at Arlesburgh, so the traffic to Peel Godred had stopped too.
  • Hiro is built and arrives on Sodor.
  • Bradford is built.
  • Spencer is built.
  • Peter is built.
  • William is built.

1936 Edit

  • Green Arrow is built.
  • Mr. Fergus Duncan is born.
  • Sir Topham Hatt is promoted from General Manager to Managing Director.
  • The mountain section of the Mid Sodor Railway is closed.
  • The Mid Sodor bogie saloon stock along with 3 of 6 engines are sold.
  • Kevin Volley becomes Stationmaster at Ffarquhar.
  • Hector is built.
  • Vinnie is built.
  • Prince is withdrawn.
  • Stephen is going to be scrapped.

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  • Rheneas is overhauled.
  • Sir Charles Topham Hatt goes for railway service overseas.
  • Kelly is built.

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  • Gordon is rebuilt at Crewe.
  • 1st September: World War II begins.
  • Sir Charles Topham Hatt returns from railway overseas to enlist with the Royal Engineers.
  • Axel is built.
  • Butch is built.

1940 Edit

  • 2nd July: Christopher Awdry is born.
  • Sir Charles Topham Hatt marries Amanda, daughter of Mr. Jabez.
  • Richard Robert Norramby is born.
  • Toad is built.
  • Harwick is bought up until the closure in 1950.

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  • Pretty Polly is rebuilt.

1945 Edit

  • 12th May: The first book of the Railway Series is published.
  • Sir Charles Topham Hatt is demolished from the Royal Engineers and spends a further period overseas.
  • The Mid Sodor Railway mines are closed one by one.
  • Bertram is lost in a mine.
  • 2nd September: World War II ends.
  • Captain is built.
  • Sam is built.
  • Rocky is built.
  • Rebecca is built.

1946 Edit

  • The Cas-ny-Hawin mine is flooded.
  • Smudger is finally broken down and scrapped.
  • 12th April: Hilary Fortnam is born.
  • Arthur is built.

1947 Edit

  • The Mid Sodor Railway and the Tidmouth-Arlesburgh branch are closed.
  • Duke is sheeted and abandoned in a shed.
  • Albert, Jim, Atlas, Alfred, John and Jennings are bought to another railway.
  • Falcon and Stuart are purchased by the aluminum works at Peel Godred for an expansion project.
  • Proteus is abandoned in a generator until 1952.
  • Albert Regaby dies aged 83; Henry Regaby succeeds in his Viscounty.
  • Flying Scotsman is rebuilt.

1948 Edit

  • 1st January: The North Western Railway becomes officially known as "North Western Region of British Railways".
  • Mr. Roger Sam is born.
  • Sir Topham Hatt has celebrated a Baronet on his appointment as Chairman of the Regional Executive, after Nationalisation.
  • The claybeds near Brendam are discovered.
  • Bill and Ben are built and arrive on Sodor.
  • Nigel is built.
  • Sir Haydn is abandoned.
  • Hannah is withdrawn.

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1950 Edit

  • Sir Handel Brown I dies aged 75; Handel Lloyd Brown succeeds in his Baronetcy.
  • David Hugh II is born.
  • The Cronk and Harwick Railway is closed.
  • Carlos is re-gauged to standard gauge.

1951 Edit

  • Falcon and Stuart are sheeted.
  • Toby and Henrietta arrive on Sodor.
  • Toby's tramway closes down.
  • Hiro is overhauled.
  • Toby is bought by the North Western Railway.
  • Elsie arrives on Sodor.
  • The Coffee Pots are scrapped.
  • Sir Handel Lloyd Brown marries Rachael Qualtrough.
  • David Hugh I retires.
  • Mr. Peter Sam becomes the Thin Controller.
  • Sir Haydn is purchased by the Talyllyn Railway.
  • Tracy is built.

1952 Edit

  • Trevor is purchased by the Vicar.
  • Trevor is sent to be scrapped.
  • Edward is overhauled.
  • Rheneas is overhauled for a second time.
  • Stuart and Falcon are purchased by the Skarloey Railway and renamed "Peter Sam" and "Sir Handel".
  • Proteus and Little Barford are bought to the aluminum works replacing Stuart and Falcon.
  • Skarloey is overhauled for a second time.
  • Cora is purchased for the Skarloey Railway.
  • Sir Charles Topham Hatt returns to Sodor, to become Chief Mechanical Engineer at Crovan's Gate and general assistant to his father.
  • Diesel, the Mainland Diesels, Sidney, Splatter, Dodge and Paxton are built.
  • Molly is withdrawn.
  • Barry is built.
  • The Red Engines are crashed into other engines and scrapped.

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1954 Edit

  • Sir Topham Hatt I retires.
  • Sir Topham Hatt II becomes the Fat Controller.
  • Rebecca Dorothy Brown is born.
  • Sir Handel and Peter Sam are given buffers.
  • Ballast from the North Western Railway begins to be obtained for the Skarloey Railway.
  • Dolgoch is overhauled.
  • Murdoch is built.
  • Prince is rediscovered.
  • Ètienne is built.

1955 Edit

  • Duck arrives on Sodor.
  • Percy is sent to Thomas' Branch Line.
  • Mark V is built for the Skarloey Railway.
  • Gertrude and Millicent are bought by the Skarloey Railway.
  • Ada is built for the Skarloey Railway.

1956 Edit

  • Sir Topham Hatt I dies aged 76; Charles Topham Hatt his father's baronetcy.
  • Jane is built for the Skarloey Railway.
  • Knapford Junction is moved to the north of the River Els.
  • Kevin Volley becomes stationmaster at Knapford.
  • Foreign Engine visits Sodor.
  • Jinty and Pug visit Sodor.

1957 Edit

  • City of Truro visits Sodor.
  • Diesel visits Sodor.
  • Mabel is built for the Skarloey Railway.
  • Ada, Jane and Mabel arrive on Sodor.
  • Rusty is built and arrives on Sodor. Mr. Ivo Hugh becomes his driver.
  • Sir Haydn is withdrawn.
  • Freida is built.
  • Talyllyn is rebuilt.
  • Bulgy is built.

1958 Edit

  • Peter Sam has an accident with some slate trucks at the quarry.
  • Duncan arrives on Sodor.
  • Skarloey returns from being mended.
  • BBC producers make a documentary about the Skarloey Railway.
  • BoCo is built.
  • Frankie is built.
  • Diesel 10 is built.

1959 Edit

  • Donald and Douglas arrive on Sodor.
  • The Spiteful Break Van is crushed by Douglas.
  • Oliver is rebuilt

1960 Edit

  • Thomas crashes into the Stationmaster's house during breakfast.
  • Daisy arrives on Sodor.
  • Percy has a predicament.
  • Old Stuck-Up and Bowler are built.

1961 Edit

  • Peter Sam loses his funnel from an icicle hanging in the tunnel and is replaced by a Giesl injector.
  • Sir Handel races George and is later teased by some boys.
  • Rheneas returns from being overhauled.

1962 Edit

  • Mavis is built and arrives on Sodor.
  • Stepney visits Sodor.
  • Bowler visits Sodor.
  • Lord Harry, Alaric and Eric arrive on Sodor.

1963 Edit

  • Culdee returns from being overhauled in Switzerland.
  • Lord Harry is renamed, Patrick.

1964 Edit

  • Skarloey's 100th anniversary.
  • Bear is built.

1965 Edit

  • Rheneas' 100th anniversary.
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