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Tigermoth is a Red and Yellow Bi-Plane who has a tendency to fly Very Lowly.


We first met him "Wilbert and Tigermoth" when Skarloey told Wilbert the Forest Engine about him, Wilbert talks to Tigermoth but He doesn't get what he expects from Tigermoth, But later, Tigermoth is flying without his pilot and ends up crashing into the ground, However, Tigermoth can still fly But He now knows to fly with his Pilot.

Later, in "Thomas and the Storm", He was blown off The Sodor Airport by some wind, But He did not speak.

In Season 7, He stopped in a field and saw Express Coaches, However, since Terence has Caterpillar Tracks He took The Express Coaches out of the field and onto The Rails again.




  • Tigermoth has made many cameos, and He didn't make an appearance and speak until "Wilbert and Tigermoth".
  • Tigermoth has been seen in the series aside from Harold and Terence.