Thumper is a Orange Quarry Machine That Works at The Sodor Construction Company.


We first met him in "Thumper Saves the Day" where he was working at The Sodor Construction Site, Where Oliver Stopped by Because a Sign That Had The Word "STOP" in White to Warn all of The Engines.

However, Salty was Coming Down The Line with Cargo Cars, But There Wasn't a "STOP" Sign Right Next to The Sodor Construction Site, and Salty went under it, But Oliver warned Salty about it.

So Salty moves out of the way, and Thumper is Working on The Wrong Rock, and Boulder falls onto The Ground Below, Thumper, However, is Sad, But he does work hard, and tries to make Sir Topham Hatt Proud.


  • Thumper has made many cameos.
  • Thumper is also Seen in Thumper saves the day Wooden Railway Collection Videos.


  • (cameo)


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