Thomas and the Storm
Thomas and the Storm

Official Release Date:

July 5th 2008 (Keekre24)

Offical Re-Release Date:

March 18 2009 (ThomasWoodenRailway)

Thomas & The Storm is the first movie of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures. (TTTEAFWRA)


A storm has came to the Island of Sodor and the engines need to fix the railway before the railway inspector arrives to Sodor.



  • Thomas refers to the events of the first season episode "Gordon Plays a Trick" The Railway Inspector is giving Sodor a "second chance" for his review due to Gordon's actions in said episode.
  • Thomas refers to the events happening in the television series episode, "Henry's Forest".
  • Some models were off the track in a bundle at one shot of the movie, although the only ones confirmed are Diesel, 'Arry and Bert. But these three engines did appear in the movie with minor roles.
  • This mark's Jack's first appearance.


  • Emily appeared before and after the storm in the exact spot she first appeared in. How did she manage to survive the storm? Also, she wasn't warned about the storm if she still remained where she first appeared.
  • Annie and Clarabel derail several times in the movie, the first at the back of Tidmouth Sheds, the second on Henry's Tunnel, and the third at Brendam Docks.
  • Not all the engines found shelter although they were "warned".
  • The wind would not be able to lift up one engine that is over ninety-two pounds.
  • It would have taken days to clean up everything on the Island of Sodor.


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