"Sorry, Salty. But I won't be able to pull this train like I promised you."

— Ryan, The Mystery Train, twelfth season

The Vicarstown Oil Train is a train full of supplies of oil and parts for the Dieselworks.


This train was at Brendam Docks one morning and Ryan promised Salty he would take it but since Ryan had more work to do than ever, Salty went to fetch Bill and Ben who were playing with a blue truck at the turntable.

After a long pile of playing and bumping trucks, Bill and Ben finally went off to fetch the train Salty told them about! But Stafford needed one of them to help him in the Yard and even though Bill and Ben hate working apart, they suppose that it's for the best...

Ben fetches it and Cranky teases him saying if "the Ghost Engine" will come and get him but Ben knows that Cranky is only joking. Later on though when Ben goes over a bridge, he comes down to a track below!

But lurking in the darkness is a mysterious engine who takes away Ben to the Other Railway. Thus this oil train never arrived to the Dieselworks the next morning making the diesels furious at it! Salty tells Sir Topham Hatt about this and Sir Topham Hatt hops onboard to find out the problem...



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