The Trouble With Trucks
The Trouble with Trucks

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Stepney's Problem

The Trouble With Trucks is the first episode of the first season.


Thomas is a blue tank engine who has worked on his branch line for many years and always pulls along his two faithful coaches Annie and Clarabel.

One day, he arrives at a station where Sir Topham Hatt is and he tells Thomas that he is to pull trucks that day; Thomas knows about trucks and how troublesome they can be but supposes the right choice is to listen to Sir Topham Hatt. But he asks Sir Topham Hatt who will pull Annie and Clarabel and the Controller of the Railway leaves Duck in charge of taking them for a day and Thomas puffs away.

At a siding, Thomas' train of troublesome trucks is waiting and Thomas huffs in meeting BoCo who tells him that the trucks have been awfully troublesome that morning and to be very careful, Thomas listens and steams away with the long, heavy freight train.

But BoCo was right that the trucks were up to their old tricks and they were pushing Thomas up and down and when Thomas reaches the Quarry Mine Tunnel, they pull him back down.

The trucks however push up Thomas again up the Quarry Mine Tunnel but trouble lay ahead as Mavis is pulling some quarry trucks and does not see Thomas coming up that they hit each other and there is a splintering crash!

Sir Topham Hatt sends out Duncan with Rocky to rescue Thomas at his accident in the Quarry Mine Tunnel, as soon as arriving Rocky sets to work and puts Thomas back on the rails in no time…

The next day, Thomas apologizes to Sir Topham Hatt but he understands and says he knows how troublesome the trucks are and that Duck will take control of the trucks because of knowing how to control trucks and the two agree.



  • The first episode of the series.
  • One of only two episodes to feature that type of camera, the other being Stepney's Problem.

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The Trouble With Trucks

The Trouble With Trucks

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