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The Tidmouth Stationmaster (Real Name Oscar Howard Stoddard) is a rude shortsighted man who blamed the engines for accidents at the station.


When we first met the Tidmouth Stationmaster, he blamed Bulgy.

Later, he blamed Harvey for spilling tar all over the rails at the station and later when he yells at Donald for smashing his tender into the footbridge, it is discovered that the rails are rusted, leaving him speechless.


The Tidmouth Stationmaster takes his job very seriously. He is quick to jump to conclusions and is rude to other engines who he believes are causing problems. However, since he is usually wrong about what he thinks, he cannot think of any comebacks and is left speechless.


The Tidmouth Statonmaster is kind of similar to The Railway Inspector when he was rather rude to the engines of his mishap and he has a same voice like his.