The Red Engine looks similer to James. Another Red Tank Engine appeared on a Wooden Railway Table. It had green wheels.

If the tender engine ever appeared, it would most likely be made from an extra James model.


The Red Tank Engine

No. 4 was built for the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway in circa 1870 along with three other engines and arrived on Sodor, in 1880, the four engines celebrate its 10th aniversary.

In 1885, he/she had an accident at Brendam when the rails declined, so he/she was sent back of the shed, times went early 1890, and 1900, and 1910, it was declined up rediscovered until 1912 for work on the Tidmouth, Wellsworth & Suddery Railway.

In 1915, the North Western Railway was built when Thomas, Edward and the Highland Engines arrive on Sodor, when he/she was sheeted again up in 1922 when Henry took the express after being retired until 1934 before Percy arrived on Sodor, No. 4 was sold to the London, Midland and Scottish Railway and was unnumbered, he was given the name, Red.

It were dressed up until September 1, 1939 and since September 2, 1945 when he/she was rebuilt into a pank tank engine instead modified to well tank.

In 1952, Red was finally ended up and started up breaking down, he/she crashed with his friends and he/she got scrapped.

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