The Loose Caboose
The Loose Caboose

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Original Date

December 30 2008

Air Date

May 28 2009

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Snow Can't Stop us

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The Loose Caboose is the first episode of the sixth season. 


Duncan isn't happy that Fearless Freddie is late; Fearless Freddie arrives, and soon they huff away, just then Smudger puffs up.

He tells Sir Handel and Peter Sam that Rusty wants to get him something, but he isn't sure, soon Rusty huffs in and explains that there are no more brakevans in the yard and wants Smudger to go to The Scrapyards to get one.

Smudger puffs in The Scrapyards and there sits Frank, there are 2 brakevans there and he says they are both ready to be scrapped; he tells Smudger to choose one and Smudger chooses the brakevan on the left.

But Frank explains that the brakevan Smudger chose rattles along the rails and says he should choose the brakevan on the right, which is much more newer.

Then, Frank huffs away to talk to Mavis; but Smudger thinks it doesn't make a difference and chooses the brakevan on the left, he arrives at Knapford Station and it is put on the back of Rusty's train, Rusty soon puffs away and Smudger goes back into a siding, but soon, Rusty realizes that the brakevan rattles a lot.

Rusty's driver explains it to the conductor, and decides to go back to The Scrapyards and chooses the new one; meanwhile, back at Knapford Station, Smudger puffs up.

Smudger tells about it to Peter Sam and Sir Handel; but Sir Handel and Peter Sam realize it does make a difference because the brakevan on the left had been on the railway for many years, but the one on the right hasn't and Peter Sam says that Smudger should've chosen the one on the right.

Meanwhile, Rusty's ride is going well, the other brakevan runs very well; soon, Smudger puffs back to The Scrapyards  

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