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"Leave me alone! Don't you dare bump me, I'll pay you out!"
- The Blue Truck, The Mystery Train, twelfth season


The Blue Truck is a troublesome truck.


When Salty went to fetch Bill and Ben to collect an oil train because of Ryan being busy on Sodor, the cheeky twins were having fun playing with the Troublesome Trucks and bumping them onto a track. 😡

The Blue Truck was one of the trucks to be demolished on that track, he told Bill and Ben not to bump him because he'll pay them out but they didn't listen. Bill bumped the truck and Ben pushed him onto the track straight off the rails!

Later on, when Salty left the two were still having fun playing and bumping trucks off the rails and the Blue Truck was one of them and he was looking quite cross with the two and afterwards no one knows what happened to this truck.

In the thirteenth season, the Blue Truck returns and was pulled by Neville, thinking that the Blue Truck talked, when it was actually Toad.


The Blue Truck is troublesome and does not have a care in the world for any of the engines on the railway, only caring for his fellow troublesome trucks.


Like most troublesome trucks, the Blue Truck is a 7 plank end door wagon.


The Blue Truck is painted blue and his wheels are painted black.




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