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Stafford is a Battery-Electric Shunting Engine.


Ryan was Being Careless again One Morning, Crashing into Murdoch's Goods Train and Worst of all, Coupling Up to Rocky When His Crane arm Hadn't Been Secured Causing an accident on The Bridge Where Scruff Was to Tumble off The Rails!

Scruff Needed to Be Sent to The Works So Sir Topham Hatt Needed To Bring a New Shunter Engine to Work in The Yard While Scruff Was away. The Next Day, The Engine arrived: His Name was Stafford and He was Very Nice to The Engines on Sodor Arriving.


Stafford is a humble, courteous little chap with a Yorkshire accent. He is a very different sort of engine from any other on The North Western Railway. This is because Stafford is an electric battery engine; he is not a steam engine or a Diesel engine. Stafford is fueled by recharging his battery, which needs to be done frequently so he can go about his work as a shunting engine. Stafford is very patient, calm, and mannerly. He Does not Let The antics of The Bigger, Large Engines Bother him too much, keeps Level-headed as He Goes about his day, and brushes off any troubles without much fuss. He is more than content with taking Things Slow and Not Having to Travel Long Distances and He is More Than Proud to Work on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway.


Stafford is Based on The North Stafford Shire Railway's Battery-Electric No. 1.


Stafford is Made of Veneered Wood with Yellow Lining and His Number and Gold Nameplates are on His Sides.