Splatter and Dodge in Keekre24's 4th collection video (Diesel 10 can also be seen).


Splatter and Dodge (also known together as "Splodge") are two Troublesome Diesels that work for Diesel 10, They also enjoy seeing Diesel 10's Plans Backfire. 


In The Special "The Strange Case of Splatter & Dodge" They saw Diesel 10 in a siding, and Diesel 10 didn't want the steamies to know that he was there, However, Diesel 10 was found by Thomas, and he told Mr. Conductor.




  • They were seen in Keekre24's Collection Videos.
  • Splatter and dodge ware originally going to return in day of the Diesels and the great race, but were removed from the final version of the 2 movies. Plus if this would have happened this would’ve Marked splatter and dodge first appearance in CGI and their first appearance since Thomas and the magic railroad.


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