Special Tunnel

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Special Tunnel is the twelfth episode of the ninth season.  


A storm has hit the narrow gauge railway. Duke finds shelter in a tunnel and takes a nap. After the nap, he decides to go visit the yard. He sees his friend Mighty Mac. But Mighty is called Mac and Mac is called Mighty.

Duke then sees Peter Sam with his original funnel and shape. And Skarloey is singing to communicate instead of talking. Rusty soon comes and he is quiet but he is usually loud. The engines say they have always been that way.

Duke starts to get baffled and leaves the yard. He soon meets Rheneas and he is painted yellow instead of red. He said he was never brothers with Skarloey.

Then a strange yellow tank engine with a lamp in front of its funnel comes. Duke didn't recognize the engine. The tank engine says he is Proteus and he and Duke were best friends for years. Boulder then falls off his mountain and is levitating in the air. Proteus is doing it.

Duncan soon comes flying down from the sky and lands on the tracks. Duncan says he is "Action Duncan!" He asks Duke if he's in trouble and Duke tells Duncan he is extremely baffled. Duke said that he has to get out of here. Freddie racing down the line and crashed off the track. Duke then ask that he will go get the breakdown train, but Freddie was running around in grass and back on track with out help. Duke then runs off, But Duncan gets hit into the bridge, which knocked over it. Duke couldn't stop in time and he fell down, making him feeling sleep once again.

Duke wakes up to realize it was all a dream. He asks his driver some questions about Skarloey, Rheneas, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan and asks if there is an engine named Proteus on the railway. Duke's driver says the engines weren't what Duke thought they were. Duke decides to tell the other engines about his dream before work starts.


  1. Duke
  2. Skarloey
  3. Rheneas
  4. Peter Sam
  5. Rusty
  6. Duncan
  7. Freddie 
  8. Mighty Mac
  9. Proteus
  10. Madge
  11. Boulder
  12. Ada, Jane, and Mabel (does not speak, but not seen)
  13. Duke's Driver


  • This episode proves to be one of the best and most popular.
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