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The Sodor Railway Repair is a Yellow -The Ballast Spreader That was Brought to Sodor to Spread Ballast on The Tracks.


The Sodor Railway Repair was Brought to Sodor by Sir Topham Hatt after BoCo Tried to Make a Delivery of Cocoa. When He Brought Him Over, He introduced him to Gordon who was Taking a "Day off" from The Express for The Day.

Gordon says hello to him But He finds Out That He's a Quiet fellow and Doesn't Like to Talk Much. Sir Topham Hatt says he'll do though while a diesel shunter watches from The Shadows…

In Claw of the Law, The Sodor Railway Repair was just sitting by The Brendam Drawbridge when Spencer, 'Arry and Bert Came to Get Some answers about Steam Engines. Little Did He Know That The Sodor Railway Repair was Quiet and Didn't Speak to Spencer, Because of not getting answers: Spencer Pushed The Sodor Railway Repair in The Sea Never to be Seen again…

In Season 12, Sir Topham Hatt Prepared a Search for The Sodor Railway Repair. When Ryan (who was first arrived on Sodor when he being rude and troublesome) got Pushed by Some Trucks by The Seaside due that the great northern engine insulting them earlier, One of The Cars from The Sodor Railway Repair was seen washed up by Land. Ryan Tried to Use This as an Excuse to Get him Out of Trouble But it soon Backfired.

Later on, another Diesel Shunter from The Other Railway Knocked Off another Car from The Sodor Railway Repair Off The Rails! Ryan Noticed This When He Saw Sidney and The Car Beside Him Leading for Perhaps The Return of Rhe Sodor Railway Repair…

In Oliver's Eleven, The Sodor Railway Repair Returned as Oliver Had found him on The Other Railway. He Had also found Ben who had gotten a Blue Coat of Paint, Caroline, Stephen, Victor and Flora. He Escaped with Ben and Eventually Escaped with The Sodor Railway Repair when Spencer apologized for His Mishap.


The Sodor Railway Repair was Quiet and Shy which Explains Why He Didn't Talk Much. Nonetheless, Even Though He Hardly Said a Word: He Made a Lot of friends on Sodor.


The Sodor Railway Repair is Based on a Knox Kershaw Ballast Spreader.


The Sodor Railway Repair is Painted Yellow and Carries The Words "SODOR RAILWAY REPAIR" On His Side.



He also appeared in a Discussion.

He is likely to appear in Season 18.