Sodor Fuel Tankers are used to carry fuel and petrol. The utmost care must be taken with these in case of fire.

Personalities Edit

A fuel tanker with a face was seen in the Railway Series. In the television series they've never been seen with faces, however they have been seen amongst the Troublesome Trucks who tricked Bill and Ben. James once referred to his fuel tankers as "stupid trucks".

Livery Edit

The fuel tankers are painted yellow. They originally had red warning signs and "SODOR FUEL" written in black on both sides. Since the switch to CGI, the tankers now carry an image of a red petrol can on both sides, replacing the original "SODOR FUEL" title. James once pulled a train of black liveried fuel tankers.

In The Railway Series, fuel tankers painted green, red, blue and black have also appeared. Some of these tankers carry logos from companies such as BP and Shell.

Basis Edit

Most of these tankers are based on standard 14 ton pre-war tankers common across most of regions. However some are depicted in merchandising as DB Shell tankers from Germany.

Trivia Edit

  • Fuel has also been transported in plain black and yellow tankers without any labels.
  • The title "Sodor Fuel" is an in-joke; apparently it was intended to sound like "sod off, you all".[1]
  • Only one fuel tanker was made.
  • The fuel tanker model was previously on display at Nitrogen Studios.

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