Snow Can't Stop Us

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December 24-25, 2008

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April 29, 2009

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New Heights for Harold

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The Loose Caboose

Snow Can't Stop Us is a double-length feature-special that was uploaded before Christmas 2009. It also serves as the fifteenth and final episode of the fifth season.

"Alright, road vehicles, we have work to do."



A new engine named Smudger arrives on Sir Topham Hatt's railway, and at Knapford Station, there is to be a party for the road vehicles, and first, Smudger has to do other work like pulling trucks to be Really Useful.

The trucks try to play tricks on him, but they can't, because Smudger is going very smoothly, but there is trouble ahead, and soon the drawbridge is up, and however, Smudger goes up and the coupling snaps and soon Smudger crashes into the snow.

However, all of the road vehicles have work to do, and Jack and Alfie go to Smudger, but they get help quickly, and Thomas comes with The Breakdown Train, but when Jack and Alfie arrive back, the snow gets deeper and Smudger's wheels get cold.

Soon, Jack and Alfie clear the snow and Thomas gets The Breakdown Train at work, it takes a while, but soon Smudger is back on the track.

But Smudger has to get ready for the party, but Jack and Alfie find trouble ahead, The Duke and Dutchess' house is blocked by snow, soon, Jack and Alfie have a plan, they keep banging Boulder Mountain waiting for Boulder to come down.

Boulder soon comes down and he gets the snow away, but soon, it is almost time for the road vehicles' party at Knapford Station, and when they arrive at Knapford Station, it is a good party.



  • Both two parts of the special was uploaded on December 24, 2008 on his original account, Keekre24.
  • This episode marks a lot of things:
    • Smudger's first appearance.
    • Terence's last appearance until Season 7.


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