Sir Handel and the Brakevan is the fourth episode of the fourth season.

Sir Handel & The Brakevan
Sir Handel and the Brakevan

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October 19 2008

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April 22, 2009

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Duncan and The Passengers

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Slippery Rails

Previous episode: Duncan and the Passengers

Next episode: Slippery Rails


Sir Handel arrives at the station just in time,and there sits Sir Topham Hatt,he wants Sir Handel to go to Brendam Docks to take a goods train and says that Rusty will keep an eye on the coaches,when Sir Handel arrives at Brendam Docks,he realizes Murdoch shunted the goods train for him,then,Murdoch warns Sir Handel about the trucks being very troublesome,Sir Handel is very careful with the trucks and soon couples up to the goods train,but Sir Handel and all of the other engines noticed something,ever since S.C. Ruffey and Rickety had been to the Works to be mended,The Spiteful Brakevan was now in charge,and he was telling the trucks what to do,the trucks were good at first,but Sir Handel and his driver knew that the trucks would start off soon,there ahead loom Gordon's hill,The Spiteful Brakevan tells all of the trucks what to do,and when the trucks are out of breath,Sir Handel goes down Gordon's hill,however,ahead loom The Old Bridge,and Butch,Jack,and Alfie were repairing it,but the Old Bridge could not hold the weight of Sir Handel and the trucks,causing Sir Handel to thud onto the ground! Later,Thomas arrives with Rocky and Sir Topham Hatt is onboard,he isn't cross with Sir Handel,though.



  • Jack,Alfie,and Butch are repairing The Old Bridge.
  • The Spiteful Brakevan is now in charge because Rickety and S.C. Ruffey are at the Works being mended.


  • Sir Handel:Trucks... I don't want any tricks from you,I'm not in the mood and you know it.
  • Sir Handel's Driver (after Sir Handel falls off the Old Bridge):I'm going to go get help.
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