Sidney the Renegade

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Sidney the Renegade is the fourteenth episode of the twelfth season.


Salty and Sir Topham Hatt arrived at the Dieselworks where he tells the diesels that Ben didn't return with the cars 'Arry is upset Paxton told him to stop thinking about the cars and about Ben Sir Topham Hatt says he'll have to go to think and leaves the diesel in descras Diesel says they should all go on strike and the diesels agree. At Knorford Station the engines are still concered at Sir Topham Hatt was either senting Ryan or Stafford away Gordon said Sir Topham Hatt can't keep both Ryan and Stafford. Percy said they have to have a deptostation but they corrected themselves as deputation Edward said he had a point.Later Ryan and Stafford were talking about who would be sent away Ryan thought he should runaway when no one noticed but just he was about to cross the bridge he saw a blue diesel with a familiar car. He said Ryan shouldn't cross the bridge but Ryan didn't listen but the diesel was saying for real he said the diesels would take his coal and paint. Then he saw Ryan's nameplate and said he seen an engine there it was Ben. Ryan was surprised the diesel's name was Sidney he was part of Diesel 10's team but he wanted to be on the Sodor team, (because he had a change of heart after he learn that those evil diesels were mean and decided to go on Sodor team). Ryan still wanted to runaway but he knew Sidney was right. Just then he saw the bridge rattling he was surprised and raced away to find Sir Topham Hatt.


Trivia Edit

  • Den appears without Dart in this episode,

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Fugitivo Diesel Runaway Diesel
French Sidney Traître Sidney the Traitor
German Sidney die Renegade Sidney the Renegade
Russian Ренегат Renegade
Italian Sidney il Runaway Sidney the Runaway
Hungarian Ryan megfelel egy dízel Ryan Meets a Diesel
Chinese 叛徒 Renegade
Japanese Ryan と反乱 Ryan and the Renegade


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