The Crash Course

Season 9 is the ninth season of Keekre24's series. 


  1. Hankenstein: Salty and Daisy decide to make a plan to spook Hank.
  2. Help for Bertie: Bertie isn't happy and has help.
  3. The Kipper Caper: Henry gets another chance to pull "The Flying Kipper" but once again runs into trouble ahead.
  4. Tender Bender: The tank engines decide to have a plan to pay the tender engines out.
  5. Harvey's Second Chance: Harvey gets a second chance but James is not happy after Harvey pulls James' train.
  6. Peter Sam and the Flour: Peter Sam takes two flour cars to M.C. BUNN.
  7. Late Again, Rosie!: Thomas notices Rosie is always late when Rosie arrives at Knapford Station late.
  8. Arthur and The Fights of The Brown Turntable: The engines always notice Arthur is always at the Brown Turntable.
  9. A Frenzy for Falcon: Duke tells Peter Sam and Sir Handel another a story about their old railway.
  10. Planes, Cranes, and Games: Tigermoth and Jeremy have a race, but have a race a bit different.
  11. Special Tunnel : Duke has a crazy dream about the Narrow Gauge Engines different.
  12. Mavis and the Sleepy Engines: Mavis has to deal with Bill and Ben being sleepy pushing her train.
  13. The Arlesdale Rumor: A rumor is going around that an engine from the Arlesdale Railway will be sent away.
  14. Railway Stowaway: A new engine arrives on Sodor who's name is Paxton.
  15. Paxton's Gains and Pains: James tricks Paxton into thinking he is the Flying Scotsman.

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  • The first season since he returned in Season 8 in where Spencer does not appear since his introduction in Season 1.
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