Season 8 is the eighth season of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures.


  1. Jack is Back: Jack is upset when he doesn't have any work to do but gets an opportunity of a lifetime by helping Max and Monty.
  2. Mercy for Percy: Percy is overworked so Sir Topham Hatt puts him on night duty.
  3. A Challenge for the Controller (double length episode): Sir Topham Hatt races Max and Monty.
  4. Bulstrode and the Fisherman: Bulstrode meets a secret agent at Brendam Docks.
  5. The Faulty Coupling: Duke tells Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Rusty a story about before he came to the Skarloey Railway.
  6. Tick-Tock-Jock: After Mike plays a trick on Henry, the engines pay him back for it.
  7. Sir Spencer of Sodor: Spencer is tired of Sodor so the engines bring back an engine from his old railway.
  8. Tricky Trucks: Percy and Billy want to pay out some trucks but their plan soon backfires.
  9. Frank and the Fib: Frank tries to get himself out of work by lying.
  10. The New Controller: After Sir Topham Hatt gets into some mishaps at Elsbridge Station, a new controller takes over who isn't so fond of the engines.
  11. The Almighty Alfie: Alfie gets to help at the Quarry.
  12. Find That Bike!: Sir Topham Hatt's bike is mysteriously stolen so the narrow gauge engines look for it themselves.
  13. The Crash Course: Smudger is let out of the sheds for being naughty and causes an accident.
  14. Runaway At The Runway: After returning from the Works, Percy tells Duck a story about an engine which Duck does not believe but soon wishes he did…
  15. Fire at the Sheds: George decides to help the engines but ends up causing a fire at the sheds.