The first screenshot of Season 5

Season 5 is the fifth season of Keekre24's Series. 


  1. The Express Turkey: Gordon has to take turkey animals instead of The Express.
  2. Fergus' Market Day: Fergus helps out on Market Day.
  3. Lorry's Challenge: Lorry 1 has a challenge with Bertie.
  4. Tankers and Turmoil:
  5. A Cranky Day at the Docks: Everything is going on "cranky" at Brendam Docks.
  6. Boastful Billy: Billy starts bragging about his old railway.
  7. A Windy Day for BoCo: BoCo has a windy day while pulling The Express with Mike.
  8. Edward the Reliable Engine:   
  9. Stepney's Perfect Day:   
  10. Skarloey and the Big Hill:   
  11. Duck-Duck-Spooked:   
  12. Daisy's Big Disaster:   
  13. Wilbert Gets Pranked:   
  14. New Heights for Harold:   
  15. Snow Can't Stop Us: