Thomas as he appears in the fourth season.

Season 4 is the fourth season of Keekre24's Series.


  1. All For One and One For James: A celebration is coming to Sodor.
  2. Catherine's Story: Catherine tells Culdee a story.
  3. Duncan and The Passengers: Duncan and a new engine take some passengers together.
  4. Sir Handel & The Brakevan: The Spiteful Brakevan causes trouble when Rickety and S.C. Ruffey are being mended.
  5. Slippery Rails: The rails are slippy on Sodor.
  6. Arthur Helps Out: Since Arthur doesn't like his job, he decides to help out other engines.
  7. Spencer's Generous Deed: Spencer gives Murdoch the Duke and Duchess' Coach.
  8. The Unseen Diesels: Ivo Hugh has an accident.
  9. Henry's Tunnel: Spamcan and Bowler escape from The Engine Shed and end up crashing at the end.
  10. Thomas and the Ghost: Thomas gets spooked by a "ghost".
  11. Rosie's Wild Ride: Rosie has a wild ride down.
  12. A Mighty Branchline: Mighty Mac get their own branchline after saving Duncan from an accident.
  13. Best of Friends: Skarloey tells Rheneas what he wants him to do.
  14. Naughty Engines: Ben is upset when Frank accidentally takes his brake van for Mike's goods train.
  15. Duke Takes Control: Duke is put in charge when Sir Topham Hatt is away.

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