Thomas as he appears in the third season.

 Season 3 is the third season of Keekre24's Series.


  1. Double Trouble: Mighty Mac appears and it makes navigation around the yard difficult.
  2. Hideous Henry: Henry is dubbed the nickname "Hideous Henry" after he is pelted with rocks and stones.
  3. George the Steam Roller: George causes trouble for all of the engines.
  4. Cranky's Delivery: Rheneas attempts to take The Express.
  5. Rusty Rocks the Railway: Duncan attempts to prove James is a Really Useful Engine, which causes a HUGE accident.
  6. Diesel's Dilemma: Diesel accidently crashes at the end of Salty's train.
  7. New Engine Fever: Rosie's excitement gets the best of her.
  8. Toby's New Cowcatchers: Toby gets some new cowcatchers after an accident.
  9. Mike's Ice Cream Party: Mike takes The Sodor Cookie Cars and the trucks cause trouble.
  10. Clumsy Culdee: Rickety gets pushed off The Quarry MIne Tunnel.
  11. Rickety's Revenge: Rickety gets revenge on Duncan after pushing him up The Quarry Mine Tunnel.
  12. S.C. Ruffey and The Foolish Freight Cars: S.C. Ruffey causes trouble.
  13. Trouble on the Track: Thomas has an accident on a bumpy track.
  14. Donald Visits The Scrapyard: Donald saves some trucks from the Scrapyards and tells Sir Topham Hatt about his whole adventure.
  15. Frank and Fred The Orange Coal Car: Frank decides to leave a meeting early and Fred Pelhay causes trouble for him.

Characters IntroducedEdit

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