The first screenshot of Season 2

Season 2 is the second season of Keekre24's Series. 


  1. Skarloey & Rheneas Depart For Crewe: The engines attempt to make Rheneas and Skarloey's last day on the Island the best ever, before they are sent to Crewe.
  2. A Special Visitor: The Flying Scotsman arrives on Sodor.
  3. Daisy and The Visitor: Daisy attempts to make The Flying Scotsman better when the newer engines tease him.
  4. James' Tender Trouble: James gets a second tender after teasing The Flying Scotsman.
  5. A Flying Surprise: The Flying Scotsman gets photographed for his appearance on a magazine.
  6. Twin Trouble: Bill and Ben ruin The Flying Scotsman's photographs.
  7. Jealous James: James tries to help The Flying Scotsman, but instead accidently makes him crash into Gordon's Express Coach.
  8. Old Slow Coach: Emily loses her priveleges of pulling Old Slow Coach.
  9. The Flying Scotsman Returns: The Flying Scotsman returns from The Works after being repaired and teaches the silly trucks a lesson they will never forget.
  10. Save Sir Topham Hatt: After an old bridge collapses, the engines are forced to find Sir Topham Hatt.
  11. Thomas Helps a Friend: Thomas has to take extra trips on his branchline after Bertie has an accident.
  12. Murdoch's New Coach: Sir Topham Hatt spies on Murdoch to see if he can pull Old Slow Coach, but an accident he didn't cause might ruin his chances.
  13. Disaster On Sodor: The Island of Sodor "celebrates" their most destructive day.
  14. The Daring Duel: Spencer challenges Gordon to a race with disastrious results.
  15. The Flying Scotsman Departs: The Flying Scotsman leaves Sodor.

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