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Season 18 aired on January 1, 2022. It was originally going to air on Christmas Day (12/25/2021). ThomasWoodenRailway does plan on five episodes being based on holidays during this season.


  1. Santa Claws
  2. One Is The Loneliest Engine
  3. Choo-Choo-Déjà-Vu
  4. Patrick Cements His Legacy
  5. Steam Team Dream
  6. Flynn and Glynn
  7. Stand By Mavis
  8. No Conductor Left Behind



  • Flynn is likely to appear in this season.
  • Douglas, Flying Scotsman and Gator are likely to speak in this season.
  • The rest of the miniature engines - Bert, Rex, Mike and Jock - are likely to appear as well.
  • This is Diesel 10's very first appearance in a season while his previous appearances were in movies.