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Season 16 aired on July 3rd, 2020. Set on Sodor months after The Great Railway Show had ended, Thomas and his friends have more adventures with their friends while Sir Topham Hatt tries to be in charge of sending the international engines home.


  1. Sweet Sixteen-The fat controller is looking for an engine to run the Sodor Sweet Shop, and Wilbert recommends Sixteen to the job. However, Sixteen is rude and ends up causing confusion and delay for the Sodor Sweet Shop and 'Arry and Bert.
  2. Bulstrode Barges In- The Great Railway Show is long over, but some of The International Engines are still waiting for their ship. Vinnie is soon the last engine standing. Salty and Porter hatch a plan to send him, and the disagreeable Bulstrode away from Sodor. Their plan backfires, and both end up beached on the pier of the docks once again.
  3. Henry's Hill - After Henry gets stuck on Gordon's Hill, the passengers joke about renaming it "Henry's Hill", which infuriates a protective Gordon. He retaliates by trying to rename Henry's Tunnel, but soon realises that the joke will pass with time.
  4. Marion Had a Little Lamb- The Sodor Clay Pits are closed down because of the rain and now the engines working there have to find different jobs. Marion gets to deliver a lamb to Farmer McColl, but the lamb keeps jumping out of its truck while she tries to find the farm.
  5. Bye Bye Bertie- Bertie has not been showing up at all at Thomas' branchline or showing up late, but why? It's up to Thomas to find out.
  6. Luke Dukes It Out- A narrow gauged engine named Luke has been dug out from the Blue Mountain Quarry. During his time while waiting for his repair appointment, Luke befriends Duke and later must face his fears of the mines when he had to help Peter Sam who is stuck on top of the mountain.
  7. Painting the Rosie's Red- Rosie wanted to have a new look on herself, with unpredictable results.
  8. Bad News Bear- When Sir Topham Hatt wants the green coaches to take The Great Railway Show Officials a tour of Sodor, they have gone missing. While Sir Topham Hatt looks for the missing green coaches, an accident between Bear and The Flying Scotsman has happened. While both engines are taken away for repairs, Sir Topham Hatt still wonders: Who stole the green coaches?
  9. Bowler Strikes Again- Sir Topham Hatt has found out that Bowler has stolen the green coaches because he has gotten revenge on Sir Topham Hatt and his railway. While Bowler takes the Great Railway Show Officials around Sodor, Sir Topham Hatt tries to find a way to stop Bowler from ruining the tour.
  10. Paxman Pulls Through- Sir Topham Hatt is still trying to find a way to stop Bowler from ruining the tour. He went to the Dieselworks and found Derek sleeping and asked him if he wanted to be a hero. Derek agrees and plans to stop Bowler to save the tour from being ruined by Bowler. When Bowler arrives at Henry’s Tunnel, Sir a Topham Hatt send Bowler and the coaches into two different tracks. Derek took the train to Vicarstown. He ends up being a hero and is sent to the works for repairs just like Bear and The Flying Scotsman.
  11. Victor and Victoria- An old coach arrives on Sodor named Victoria, who supposed to be scrapped, so Whiff and Edward save her and take her to the Steamworks to be repaired, however they are out of room there so Victor takes Victoria out on the Skarloey Railway for the day, taking a much needed break.
  12. Knock it Off, Stanley-After seeing that Rosie's successful makeover is a big hit with the other engines, Stanley is inspired to try a new look...with disastrous results.
  13. Throw Topham from the Train-Winston need’s to get repaired so Sir Tophamm Hatt also needed something. He needed to find another convertible so he could get to places. But then there’s trouble, Neil is cabless so Sir Topham Hatt get’s dirty by his coal, then people think that sir Topham hat is someone else so they don’t let him onto the train. Will Sir Topham Hatt find a way to go around Sodor?
  14. Ace in the Hole- With Winston being restored, Sir Topham Hatt has to use Ace, an extremely fast car. Too bad Ace is too fast and reckless, which comes back to haunt him later.
  15. Finding Lorry


Characters Introduced


  • To date, this is the first season where Sam appears, but does not speak.