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Season 15
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August 11, 2018


Keekre 24

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July 27, 2019

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Season 15 is The fifteenth season of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures. It Premiered August 11, 2018.


  1. Roundhouse Roulette - After the international Engines arrive on Sodor, they struggle to find sleeping spots on the island which leads to disaster.
  2. Flash Gordon - Gordon decides to enter the Speed Competition on The Great Railway Show but he might need some help from his brother, The Flying Scotsman first.
  3. Philip Finds a Friend - Trouble ensues when Philip and The Mainland Diesel Shunters come to visit The Island of Sodor and meet Vinnie.
  4. Harvey's Happy Accident - Harvey gets to work at Brendem Docks with Salty and Cranky after making a big mess at Tidmouth Station.
  5. Tyrannical Rex - Two Arlesdale Engines, such as Rex and Jock had come back to their home at the Arlesdale Railway, but Rex remembers about Jock's cocky attitude and starts to act all bossy and rude to maintain order in the railway.
  6. The Maron Station Makeover - After many passengers were filing complaints about Maron Station to Sir Topham Hatt, the station is renovated with disastrous results.
  7. Toby's Turntable Fable - The Mallard is a boastful engine. But one day his behavior gets the better of him when he causes chaos at the turntable at Vicarstown Sheds.
  8. For Whom the Belle Tolls - Bulgy's bridge is in disrepair for years. So the engines decide to take matters into their own hands or wheels. But as soon as Bulgy finds out, he decides to cause trouble.
  9. Nightmare on Sodor - Edward has a strange dream about Sodor, engines with different looks and everyone not knowing his name.
  10. Jock Beats the Clock - The Arlesdale Railway’s new plan to attract more visitors wasn’t working, so Sir Topham Hatt builds a new clock tower for his grandest plan ever. Will his grand plan save the Arlesdale Railway?
  11. The Crosby Coalition - The coal trucks at Crosby hold a coalition, and end up at the Sodor China Clay Works.
  12. Polar Express Coming Through! - When The Flying Scotsman fills in for Gordon while he's at The Great Railway Show on The Mainland, he gets stuck in the cold and a diesel named Bear takes his passengers to Vicarstown.
  13. Ice Ice Daisy - Daisy complains about the season and when she has an accident with some ice and meets a new friend, she decides to turn over a new leaf.
  14. The Island of Misfit Engines - The engines hold Christmas parties all over the island to send of the international engines in a fitting way.
  15. A Christmas Caroline - Caroline is lost in the forest near Culldee Fell, when she is visted by a narrow gauge engine.


Characters Introduced


  • This is The first Season to be filmed in advance of The Premiere Date.
  • This was supposed to be the last season due to issues with COPPA but Keekre24 decided to continue the series after issues got resolved (or because of popular demand)