Season 13
Season 13
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Season 13 aired on the 10th of July 2016. It has 15 episodes.


  1. Duck and the Quack Attack: Duck gets teased for "waddling" but it doesn't get any better for him after he crashes into a duck pond.
  2. It's Good to Be Belle: Sir Topham Hatt has gotten two new engines, Belle and Flynn. Flynn gets to do the work, while Belle doesn't until she rescues Flynn.
  3. Victor's Loco Motives: Victor leaves Kevin in charge of the Steamworks for a day, but there is so much work to do.
  4. Bert's Arlesdale Fail: A pirate named Sailor John arrives on the railway and Bert thinks something is suspicious.
  5. The Duke of Hazard: Duke crashes into the project for Ulfstead.
  6. Rust or Bust: Stephen gets a new coat of bright yellow paint and Ulfstead is officially open.
  7. Go Boldly, Culdee: Thomas and Annie and Clarabel meet Culdee and Catherine who attempted to get work done on their railway before winter comes.
  8. Oliver's Fossil Fright: Sailor John, Iron Bert, Oliver the Excavator, and Max and Monty wonder what's in the abandoned mine near Ulfstead Castle.
  9. Who Stole the Coal?: Two new engines arrive from the Mainland to help on Sodor and Gordon is not pleased to say the least. 
  10. Sam I Am: Sam tells Logan the story about his first day on the Island of Sodor when Diesel tries to play a trick on him with Dart in a crate and the Troublesome Trucks.
  11. Toad Gets Towed: Toad is accidentally coupled up to Neville's train, instead of Douglas'. During his trip, he sees Sailor John and Skiff doing something suspicious.
  12. Ivo Hugh's Day at the Zoo: There's trouble at the Sodor Animal Park and Ivo Hugh needs to save the day!
  13. Sideplates and Skirmishes: Flora gets lost during a tour of Ulfstead Castle.
  14. Hector and Logan's Hot Pursuit: Logan attempts to stop Sailor John but, only causes more trouble than the Island can handle.
  15. How Gator Stole Christmas: Gator gets tricked into delivering the gifts and tree to Sailor John.

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  • As of this season, a majority of the models will be updated, a new editing program will be used, and Keekre24 will start using a microphone.
  • Another Troublesome Van is used in this series.