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Season 11 is the eleventh season of Keekre24's Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures.


  1. Fergus' Day Off: Fergus tricks Molly into believing he's not feeling well and has a day off with Scruff.
  2. Stepney and the Bluebell Branchline: After Stepney's return from the Works after an accident by some troublesome trucks, his Branchline is closed down.
  3. Around the Railyard in 64 Seconds: Spencer tricks Bertram to race him in 64 seconds, leading him to fall off the rails!
  4. The Great Western Way: Duck and Oliver have a fight on the 4th of July.
  5. Big City Rumor: Paxton goes to the Big City and his replacement is a snooty engine.
  6. Station Situation: Donald and James inspect all of the stations.
  7. Duncan in the Dumps: Duncan tries to play a trick on Bertram leading to disaster.
  8. Just Duck's Luck: Duck has been sent to the Works for the past months and when trying to get a brakevan to the end of Stanley's freight train, it just gets worse…
  9. Hank and the Hatt St Crossing: Hank doesn't listen to advice from Patrick and Kelly about Hatt Street Crossing and ends up getting into an accident.
  10. Spencer Goes Too Far: Spencer leaves Sodor after the Duke and Duchess of Boxford leave for vacation.
  11. Holly Jolly Molly: Molly sees Victor return to Sodor while Sir Topham Hatt witnesses seeing a mysterious diesel shunter in a shed on Christmas Day.
  12. Trembling Trevor: Trevor feels lonely and a new engine named Gator wants to befriend him.
  13. Old Square Wheels: The engines learn a lesson after calling Henry "old square wheels".
  14. Wooden Brakes: Mac gets new brakes but Mighty refuses to get new brakes.
  15. BoCo and the Cocoa: BoCo tries to deliver a delivery of cocoa while Gordon and Sir Topham Hatt bring the Sodor Railway Repair while another diesel shunter watches on in the shadows…

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