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The first screenshot of Season 10

Season 10 is the tenth season of Keekre24's Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures.  


  1. A Crack in the Track: Smudger gets stuck on an old, rickety bridge that the Pack are fixing.
  2. Scruff and S.C. Ruffey: Scruff has trouble with trucks.
  3. Captain's Crunch: Captain arrives on Sodor leading Bulstrode to be unhappy.
  4. Bee Yourself, James: James is shocked when he gets a yellow and black coat of paint.
  5. Lorry's New Flatbed: Lorry 1 plays a trick to get a new flatbed.
  6. Mike Goes on Strike: Mike goes on strike finding out there is a 100-award popular votes award.
  7. A Normal Day for Dennis: Dennis is happy when Norman visits Sodor.
  8. Edward Breaks Down: Edward has an accident with some Troublesome Trucks.
  9. Coal Crisis: 'Arry, Diesel and Bert have a disastrous crisis.
  10. Paranoid Paxton: Paxton fears his tenure on Sodor and is fears his tenure may be over on Sodor when a new engine arrives.
  11. Salty Goes Swimming: Cranky is at sleep that he does not notice he lifts up Salty until Cranky is awake.
  12. Toad the Brakevan: Missing in Action: Toad tells Oliver the story about how he got on the Magic Railroad.
  13. Norman Invasion: Sir Topham Hatt is thinking to keep Norman on his railway or not.
  14. Tour de Sodor: The narrow gauge engines have another "Race around the Railway" leading in disastrous results.
  15. Groundhog Gordon: When Gordon gets stuck in snow, Thomas attempts to help.
  16. Hiro's Origins: The story of how Hiro ended up on Sodor after rescuing three engines is told.


Characters Introduced