The first screenshot of Season 1

The first season of the series was first released in 2008 with fifteen episodes, but the episodes were released in 2009


  1.  The Trouble With Trucks - Thomas has trouble with some trucks.
  2.  Stepney's Problem - Thomas decides to help out Stepney after the bigger engines tease him about pulling the fossil car.
  3.  Thumper Saves the Day - Thumper saves the day after stopping Boulder from causing certain damage.
  4. A Scottish Tale - Donald and Douglas have different jobs on the railway, but when Donald is unable to pull his train, Douglas gets to do a job he has always dreamed of.
  5. Toby and the New Engine - Toby meets a new engine and tends to befriend him.
  6. The Trouble With Spencer - Spencer plans to get revenge on Mike, but he is later taught a lesson by The Troublesome Trucks.
  7. Lorry Takes A Tumble - Lorry 1 tries to do things "his way", which leads to disaster.
  8. Duties of The Diesels - Class 40 and Spamcan are sent away after causing trouble and are replaced with Wilbert and Frank.
  9. Wilbert to the Rescue - After Class 40 and Spamcan are sent away, Sir Topham Hatt welcomes Wilbert and Frank to come to the railway.
  10. Wilbert and Tigermoth - Tigermoth and Wilbert get into an argument which leads to disaster.
  11. Frank and the Trucks - Frank gets paid out by some trucks after teasing Duke.
  12. Wilbert, Frank, and the Milk - Wilbert and Frank work together to take two milk tankers to Farmer McColl's Farm.
  13. Thomas' 4th of July - Thomas attempts to take The Sodor Cookie Cars to Farmer McColl to bake a cake.
  14. Gordon Plays a Trick - During a railway inspector's visit, James is asked to take the express, and Gordon takes out his anger on James.
  15. Murdoch and the Express - Gordon is stuck in the shed, and Murdoch is asked to take the Express.

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