"Huh! Scruffey, He's copied your name!"

"What do you mean that I'm coping you?"

"You copied my name! Look; Scruff and S.C. Ruffey..."

— Scruff and S.C. Ruffey and a troublesome truck

Scruff and S.C. Ruffey

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A Crack in the Track

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Captain's Crunch

Scruff and S.C. Ruffey is the second episode of the tenth season. 


Sir Topham Hatt decides to make a new engine arrive to his railway named Scruff, and since Scruff doesn't have anything to do on the railway, BoCo tells Scruff that he can go pull a goods train, when Scruff arrives in the yard, it is redisorganized and he decides to shunt the trucks, soon, Scruff shunts the goods train, and he soon has a long goods train and sets off, but then all of the trucks realize something, S.C. Ruffey is all the way at the back, but Fred Pelhay tells S.C. Ruffey that there is nothing that they could do, S.C. Ruffey tells the trucks to push backwards, but all of the trucks don't hear him and push forward instead, but when Scruff arrives at the station, he derails off the track and crashes into the house at boulder mountain qurry. and boulder falls down and hit Scruff. Lucky, Scruff wasn't hurt but boulder stand on the field. Just then, Boco arrives and explains that he was follow him just to make sure that he was alright.