"James, you are going to be late! Why haven't you left yet?
Sorry sir, but I'm just not up to the test today. Boiler-ache, I believe.
- Sir Topham Hatt, James
Roundhouse Roulette
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The Great Railway Show Engines Ferreira, Ashima, Yong Boa, Gina, Raul, at Vicarstown Sheds.

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Hatt Trick

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Flash Gordon

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Thomas, Percy, Flying Scotsman and The Great Railway Show Engines.

Roundhouse Roulette is the first episode of the fifteenth season.

Air Date: August 11th 2018.

Plot:[edit | edit source]

When Thomas and Percy give Vicarstown Sheds to the International Engines, all the other engines on Sodor lose their spots.

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Roundhouse Roulette Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Adventures Episode 211

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