"Rickety, My name is Rickety! I'm not just some other truck, you know!"
- Rickety, Claw of the Law

Rickety is a troublesome truck. 


Rickety was first seen pulled by Thomas and caused trouble by pushing him up the Quarry Mine Tunnel and in the Sodor Cookie Cars in the first season and was taken to Farmer McColl's farm.

He was also one of the trucks that Mighty Mac shunted in a train of trucks that Sir Topham Hatt had told them to shunt but they caused an accident too.

Later on, Mike was sent to pull the Sodor Cookie Cars and Murdoch warned about the cars being extra troublesome that morning. Mike didn't listen however and said if they weren't he'd teach them a lesson himself and he was pushed off by Culdee accidentally and wanted to get revenge on Duncan afterwards. He was also foolishly helping S.C. Ruffey and Fred Pelhay in his plans and when Frank didn't want to listen, Rickety was one of the trucks who was shunted.

As seasons past this troublesome truck was used in many freight trains but only made cameos throughout the seasons passing on and on…

However his plan didn't work as Rickety and the rest of the cars caused a splintering crash knocking Mike off the rails and needing to be rescued!

Rickety was astonished and angry when Ryan called him and the other trucks 'dirty things.'



He also appeared in a discussion.


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