Rheneas and the Risky Rendezvous

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Rheneas and the Risky Rendezvous is the tenth episode of the twelfth season.


The Railway Inspector visits the Narrow Gauge Railway with disastrous results.


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Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks Duncan's last speaking role until the fourteenth season premiere, Millie's Castle Hassle.
  • This is the only twelfth season episode where the Narrow Gauge Engines speak.
  • The name Krusty that the Railway Inspector uses for Rusty is a reference to Krusty the clown from The Simpsons.

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Rheneas y el Inspector de tren Rheneas and the Railway Inspector
French Rheneas et l'inspecteur Rheneas and the Inspector
Dutch Controle van de smalspoorlijn Checking the Narrow Gauge Railway
German Rheneas 'Rendezvous Rheneas' Rendezvous
Japanese Rheneasとクレイジーランデブー Rheneas and the Crazy Rendezvous
Korean Rheneas 에 대한랑데부 A Rendezvous for Rheneas


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