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Proteus is a Yellow Magical Narrow Gauge Engine with a lamp on top. Legend says the way of finding Proteus; is seeing a lamp and see it flickering on and off. Proteus has arrives on Sodor in 1878 and Disappear in 1952.

This is Number 3  


Skarloey told a story, to all of the engines. Peter Sam did not believe there was a "magic lamp"; so he took the wires and ropes to the Incline, he tried finding the lamp but only found different lamps, he was found by Harold the helicopter and Peter Sam went on his way to Home.

When Thomas bought a famous storyteller to The Skarloey Railway, The Narrow Gauge Engines were excited. They all had jobs to do; Peter Sam accidently took a wrong turn and found a statue of Proteus and Decided to bring it to the Party.

Miss Marvel soon arrived to tell the stories, the engines were excited and were also stars of the show.

Proteus is a legendary, Magical Narrow Gauge Engine with a lamp on top of his funnel. The Narrow Gauge Engines enjoy stories about him; legend says the key to find him is to see a lamp and see it flickering on and off.




Proteus is Based on the Talyllyn Railway's Sir Haydn. Sir Handel also shares the same prototype.


Season 9: special tunnel.

Season 15: A Christmas Caroline