Old Stuck-Up came to Sodor on Trial. When He arrived at the shed, He was Rude to the Steam Engines, Calling them out of date. BoCo finally managed to get Old Stuck-Up to shut up, and James gave him the nickname, 'Old Stuck-Up.' The next day, after all the engines left the shed, Old Stuck-Up was getting ready to go home. The cleaning and fueling supplies were in the part of the shed where Boco and Bear slept. Old Stuck-Up rolled forward too quickly, and slipped on the oily Tracks. He crashed through the shed, and Remained there until Donald rescued him. After being talked severely to by Sir Topham Hatt, He was sent Back to The Other Railway.

Trivia:[edit | edit source]

  • Old Stuck-Up does not have a Model Made by Keekre24, But it could be made from a Wooden Model of Bowler with added numbers and face, Because They share The Same Basis.
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