Since Keekre24/ThomasWoodenRailway started making videos in 2008, his series has been dubbed in other languages than English.

Spain Edit

In Spain, the series is titled "Tomas y Amigos La Madera Ferrocarril Las Aventuras".

Character Names Edit

Voice Cast Edit

Since Season 11 There Has Been A Voice Cast

Bouso Romeo As The Narator (Season 1-5)

Fruso Mifito As The Narrator (Season 6-10)

Jouso Bousiva As The Narrator (Season 11 Onwards)

Jevier Hourito As Thomas,Duck And Toad

Juan Pesso As Edward,Henry (Season 11-13) And George

Tesso Perez As Gordon,James And Sir.Topham Hatt

Velloso Bessageo As Percy And Henry (Season 14 Onwards)

Florito Besscana As Annie And Clarabel

Gorgijo Delso As Peter Sam And Mike

Onsito Mehitta As Oliver And Sailor John

Donito Mistoro As Lorry 1,Lorry 2,Lorry 3 And Edward (Season 12 Only)

Meso Blafito As Terence And Jack

Hermito Gorfsto As Frank

France Edit

In France, the series is titled "Thomas et Amis Du Bois Chemin De Fer Aventures".

It Still Has No Cast So Naarrator Voices All The Chacters

Francis LaCourke As The Narrator (Season 1-8)

Lonard Jousie As The Narrator (Season 9-10)

Dresick Gurrins As The Narrator (Season 11-12,14 Onwards)

Durse Eule (Season 13 Only)

Character Names Edit

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