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Oliver's Fossil Fright is the eighth episode of the thirteenth season.

Air Date: November 4th 2016

Plot[edit | edit source]

Henry was on his way Ulfstead Castle when he saw Max & Monty looking at an old mine near the castle. Max & Monty cheekily wanted to look inside with Bert on their team. Henry crossly told them that's signs are for troublesome dump trucks to stay away. But the three wanted to look Bert and Monty went to find help but both were getting different help. Bert went to the Arlesdale Railway and saw a small blue engine. Then Mike came to talk to Bert and both Berts said "Yeah" together. Bert the diesel was cross that the blue engine was taking his name. Mike told Bert the miniature engine that Sailor John was talk with him but Bert the diesel had an evil job for him to break an old mine with his delivery of dynamite and went to Max.

Later Monty went to the docks where a new excavator named Oliver was helping a boat so he can ride the rails named Skiff. Monty impatiently told Oliver that he has a job for him. Oliver said he'll help with he finished Skiff.

Eventually, Bert and Sailor John brought a crate of dynamite to the abandoned mine, where the Pack was going to attend the important event. As soon as they had gathered, Sailor John quickly lit the fuse of dynamite and ran away immediately before the mine exploded. As the dust had settled, the Pack could not believe their eyes: a dinosaur fossil!

After they had left, Oliver rolled up, looking for them, but all he found was Sailor John.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode's title was inspired by the Wooden Railway "Oliver's Fossil-Freight".
  • This is the second time Max and Monty have been main characters in an episode, the first being "A Challenge for the Controller".

Goofs[edit | edit source]

  • In the British narration, the term lorry should have been used.

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Oliver's Fossil Fright Thomas & Friends Episode 188

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