Oliver's Eleven
Oliver's Eleven

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• Air Date:

February 26, 2016

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49 minutes and 36 seconds

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Claw of the Law

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Saving Pirate Ryan

Oliver's Eleven is the ninth special of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures.


The engines were still worried that the mainland engines would take their jobs,so Sir Topham Hatt had a meeting at Knaford Station. While he was explaining Billy interrupted thinking they'll be replaced Stanley and Fergus agreed and so did Percy and Murdoch but Sir Topham Hatt said they won't,off to the side Oliver was listing and said it might lead to trouble then he went to the docks. Ryan and Stafford the new engines were there talking to Cranky. Ryan said he was tired then he saw Oliver he said that the other new engines would make life hard for them Stafford wasn't happy then Conner rattled through Ryan agreed with Oliver then he and Toad went go to get some rest.

That night Oliver couldn't sleep Toad asked why but Oliver said it's not too important and told him to go back to sleep but Toad said he can't sleep either he's been thinking about Ben when he disappered last time. Oliver was starting to think Sir Topham Hatt would think of what to do,then he said if they went to the Other Railway. Toad thought he was joking but Oliver wasn't he really meant it. Toad thought it would be risky but remembered when Douglas saved them. Oliver said they should do the same saying if Douglas didn't see them he would've left them and they would never get to Sodor, and Toad said if Oliver's going then so is he and the two fell fast asleep. Oliver soon woke up to get his jobs done before his adventure with Toad.

While he was taking ballast to the station he saw Thomas and Daisy's milk tanker. Thomas was upset thinking Daisy overslept (but she was on strike at the Dieselworks) then he saw Daisy's passengers so Thomas toke them. Then Sir Topham Hatt came out of his office and saw Daisy's milk Oliver said he would take it but Sir Topham Hatt said he'll find someone else to do it. Just then Stepeny steamed in saying the diesels want Sir Topham Hatt to join them at the dieselworks this made him cross and they were off.

Soon Neville came to take the milk Oliver saw his chance. Oliver told Neville that he and Toad are going on an adventure Neville wanted to know what he and Toad are up to but Oliver pretended he didn't hear him and puffed away. When he arrived at Ulfstead Station he heard Conner and Caitlin talking on the bridge thinking if Sir Topham Hatt would let them stay Oliver mumbled that they might take all their jobs and huffed away. When night came Oliver came to pick up Toad Edward asked what they're up to Oliver feeling sheepishly said they're heading home Edward then said Neville was spreading a rumor about them then he left to shunt thinking about the diesels. Oliver realized he shouldn't trust Neville then Toad said they should go because the sun had set and they were off.

Oliver & Toad soon arrived on the Other Railway it was very different to Sodor there was a switch already Toad asked where should they go they then heard a diesel noise Oliver said they would be heading right and rattled along the line. As they made their way they passed an old shed and stopped right in front of them were engines big and small and one who was well known it was Ben! Oliver was excited to see him but there was a big difference about him he said one diesel kidnapped him, toke off his yellow paint and painted him blue. Oliver told him to tell them his friends one on a flatbed was Victor covered in seaweed he said that the Railway Inspector toke the ropes off the his boat and he fell in the water. Ben then said that rusty engine is called Stephen Oliver said he's seen him in pictures speeding like the rocket Stephen said he was the rocket in his olden days but his days changed and the car on the flatbed was called Caroline she wanted to escape too she couldn't move without her master and she remembered when a steamroller known as George told her to find herself a scrapyard and she did. The last engine in the back was Flora Oliver said he remembered when she visited Sodor but left when no one noticed Flora wanted to escape too and she wanted to bring her tramcar Toad said they would help her too.

Then from in the fog Oliver saw the Sodor Railway Repair he was so excited but Ben told him he should leave but Oliver said he can't leave them because Bill was missing him like crazy Ben said if he's rescued he'll never fight him again then he mumbled if it's all he's fault Victor agreed so Oliver said they should all go. Flora then they can't because they had no coal left Oliver then made a plan he would take Ben back and come back for them. Stephen thought it's too risky and said they'll find a way out Victor agreed but Oliver didn't. Ben then told Oliver if he's been here before but Oliver said it's not important Caroline and Flora thought he was crazy but Oliver said he wasn't but he,Toad, and Ben have to leave now. So Oliver put Toad at the back and went to the front like they're a long train, Stephen wished Oliver and Ben good luck but then there was trouble the rusty coupling to Toad and the cars snapped Oliver stopped but Victor told him to continue Oliver hated to leave Toad but he and Ben had to leave right now when Oliver and Ben were almost at the bridge but they were stopped with none other than Lorry 3 on the track and Lorry 2 on the side Oliver smiled and teased them about their names Thomas said The Brothers Grimm Smashed,Broken,and Sunk Lorry 3 was cross but Oliver didn't care he wheeshed froward and Lorry 3 raced on the road and Oliver pulled Ben away. Lorry 3 was cross and said to Lorry 2 they should pay him from wheesing at them.

When morning came Oliver pulled Ben into Knapford Station James,Gordon and Ryan were there when they saw Oliver and Ben they were surprised so lots of engines came and asked questions then Sir Topham Hatt came out of his office Ben told him that Oliver saved him from scrap Ryan then went to tell Bill that his twin was back. Gordon asked Oliver if he saved Ben all by himself he said he did then he puffed away to rest but he wondered if Toad was alright. Later the lorries went to Sodor Lorry 2 said it was a mess and then they looked at the bridges Lorry said it would be a shame if they broke the bridges so Oliver wouldn't come back and they got to work.

Soon Oliver went to the docks Molly, Douglas and Hiro were there they had heard Oliver saved Ben but Oliver said his journey isn't done Douglas was puzzled Molly asked Hiro if maybe he,Conner and Caitlin can help Oliver but Oliver interrupted. Later Oliver went to the coal yard to fill up then he saw Sir Topham Hatt he wasn't pleased to hear that Oliver went to the Other Railway without his permission Oliver tried to convince him that he should go back but Sir Topham Hatt wouldn't let him leaving a very sad Oliver. That night Lorry 3 showed Lorry 2 that without hitting his head he could knock down the saport Lorry 2 tried and hit his head but the lorries carried on damaging the bridge. The next day Bill thanked Oliver for saving his twin Oliver said he was welcome then he went to work with Percy at Ulstead Ryan was there he was proud with Oliver told him that he had to go back to the Other Railway to get more friends Ryan offered to help so Oliver said they should go together Ryan had a point so he agreed to go tonight.

When Oliver arrived at the turntable Gordon, Rosie, Whiff and Neville were there Gordon was telling the other engines that they shouldn't let the mainland engines take their jobs. Oliver whispered to Neville about the favor he asked him before but this time Neville didn't want to do it so he wanted to come with him but Oliver said he and Ryan should go but Neville said wants to so Oliver said fine just then Conner arrived he asked the engines what they're doing Gordon said they're doing nothing Conner was sad and went away Rosie and Whiff were cross at Gordon but he didn't care then Oliver puffed away. For the rest of the day Oliver kept hiding making sure no one would notice him. At last night came Oliver puffed to Knaford Station Neville and Ryan were there Oliver told them it would be a big journey so they should be ready Ryan and Neville were ready and so was Stafford. Oliver said Stafford can't come but Stafford said wanted to and Ryan said he had a point so Oliver feeling annoyed agreed. Just then Sir Topham Hatt came out of his office saying he recived a call from the Other Railway but was surprised to see his engines all here Stafford told him that they're having a chat Sir Topham Hatt noticed something he tried tell Oliver what he's doing but Oliver said they'd better go and they all raced away Sir Topham Hatt was upset he thought Stafford was still here but even Stafford was gone.

Oliver went over the bridge waiting for his friends Neville and Stafford went over as well but Ryan didn't the soprors broke and he fell off the rails. Oliver asked Ryan if he was alright he was but they should go Oliver realized he was right. Just then Caitlin steamed in Neville told her not to tell anyone they're here she said she wouldn't and that she and Conner can help them but Oliver said they can't but Stafford said she had a point Caitlin said they think they're trying to take their jobs but they aren't they would do their jobs and go back the mainland. Oliver now was sorry they were all sorry so Oliver said she can help. On the Other Railway Bowler and Spamcan were talking about Bowler's shed about the stink then they saw Caitlin backing up to Stephen and Caroline they were pleased they were being rescued so Caitlin cheerfully said she'll be off and she steamed away, Bowler wondered if Caitlin toke the engines Spamcan said she did and went to see what was going on.

Out away from the bridge Oliver, Stafford and Neville were waiting for Caitlin she said the coast was clear Oliver said they should hurry Neville went first but as he was backing up Bowler stopped him to tell him his name Neville said he's a diesel and said he'll help Diesel 10, so Bowler went to sleep Stafford then arrived he and Neville went to get Flora and Victor Flora told them to not forget the Sodor Railway Repair Stafford said Oliver's coming Toad was pleased to see his old friend again then Neville went with Victor and Stafford went with Flora to get her tramcar Oliver went to get the Sodor Railway Repair Toad said they're running out of time so Oliver raced froward and his glasses friend went down to the bridge Toad said that was a smart move. Then Stafford told Oliver that there's an engine looking for him Oliver was puzzled when he looked in the siding it was Spencer! Oliver was surprised Spencer said Diesel 10 blamed him when Thomas saved the day and took away his new paint. Just then Spamcan saw Oliver and Toad. Oliver realized he had to make a choice Spencer told him to leave him but Oliver didn't listen he buffered to Spencer and pushed Spamcan Bowler told him not get away with all his huff and puff Oliver pushed and pulled Spencer and Toad to the other side Conner cheered for him then blocked Spamcan from entering Sodor.

Toad cheered for Oliver just then Stafford shouted to him that they were up here but the lorries were still breaking the bridge Oliver warned them to get off and Stafford went back just in time the bridge fell down Lorry 3 said that they haven't seen the last of them and the lorries sped away,Oliver was pleased that he and his friends were safe althought there have been a few close calls. Spamcan demanded Conner to move, but Conner said that there is no way he can make him move. Soon Sir Topham Hatt came of course he was upset with Oliver, so instead of senting him to the shed, he took him to the works so he got to be with his friend Duck. At last the Duke and Duchess arrived after traveling around the world to find Spencer and Sir Topham Hatt promised he can work well if he's nice, then Spencer said sorry to the Sodor Railway Repair and with a smile on he's face was enough to forgive him. Stephen, Caroline, and Victor still had to go to the works they were all friends and Caroline and Stepney were glad to be back together and now Caroline had her master.

The diesels realized that they wouldn't be useful if they would go on strike. That day the engines warmed up to Hiro, Conner, Caitlin, and the other mainland engines they would take trains to Sodor go back to their home. As for Oliver and Toad they couldn't believe about that adventure that had Oliver told Toad that he had made new friends and the eleven of them worked together as a team asked what says to that but Toad was asleep. Oliver told Toad good night and wondered what their next adventure would be.



In Other Languages Edit

Language Title Meaning
French Olivier Onze Oliver is Eleven
Spanish Oliviero Locomotora Oncè Oliver the Eleventh Engine
Italian Oliviero Undici Oliver is Eleven



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