The North Western Railway is the railway Sir Topham Hatt is head of. Thomas was the first engine to arrive on this railway and arrived in May 1915.






Rolling Stock

Current Motive Power Allocations as of November 14, 2018

The Main Line

The Main Line Loop

The Miner's Branch

Ffarquhar Branch Line

The Little Western

Harwick Branch Line

Brendam Branch Line

Kirk Ronan Branch Line

Peel Godred Branch Line

Norramby Branch Line

Great Waterton Branch Line

Killdane Branch Line

Ulfstead Branch Line

Utility engines

The utility engines are not assigned to any line, instead being go-anywhere, do-anything engines.

Utility shunter

These are similar to the utility engines, except that they perform shunting duties around the railway.

Crovan's Gate Steamworks and works

Vicarstown Dieselworks and works

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