"These are some new recruitments who were hired while you were away... But they don't know a thing about trouble! they like it when the engines bump them around…"
- Fred Pelhay and S.C.Ruffey, Truckus Ruckus, twelfth season

The New Troublesome Trucks are new trucks who were recruited while Rickety went to The Works.


When Rickety went to The Works, These Trucks were brought over as replacements in The Yard. However, These Trucks weren't troublesome, they are friendly behavioral trucks and liked it when the engines bumped them around.

Stafford came back one afternoon pulling Rickety and he left him in the Yard, S.C. Ruffey and Fred Pelhay were glad that he was back and told him about the plans they had previously. Rickety then asked about the new trucks and they said they were new hirements after he went to the Works, But they don't know a single thing about trouble like the other Troublesome Trucks and like it when they are Bumped around by the engines.

Later on, one of the new trucks was bumped by Ben after he bumped two trucks off the rails and that one was caught in the mishap.


The New Troublesome Trucks are the newbie trucks in The Yard and still have a lot to learn about being troublesome like the other trucks. They like being bumped around but according to the other trucks, they could be as troublesome as them if they wanted to.


The New Troublesome Trucks are 7 Plank End Door Wagons.


  • These Trucks are painted different colors.
  • Two of The Trucks are painted gray and are filled with stone and Red Tarp.
  • One of the other Trucks is painted light green with a "Mr. Jolly's Chocolate" painted in chocolate brown on the side and is filled with chocolate inside.
  • The other Truck is painted blue and is filled with sweets which are protected with removable glass on top.
  • The Last Truck is orange with salt and is protected with removable glass on top.




  • They have appeared in Keekre24's Collection Video.


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