New Heights for Harold
New Heights for Harold

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• Original Upload Date:

December 23, 2008

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• Air Date:

April 29, 2009

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Wilbert Gets Pranked

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Snow Can't Stop Us

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New Heights for Harold is the fourteenth episode of the fifth season.


One day, Percy the small green engine was taking some trucks to the quarry. He past the Sodor Airfied and there was Harold. Percy asks Harold how he's doing, and he says that he's doing alright.

Just then, they heard a buzz noise. Harold said it's Tiger Moth, but Tiger Moth couldn't stop and zooms past. Percy asks what was that about but Harold doesn't know and buzz away to go check on him.

soon, Tiger Moth had ended up crashing into the field aNed felt very silly after this. Soon Harold came to inspect and asks Tiger Moth what's the matter with him. Tiger Moth apologize because he ran out of fuel, Harold suggest again that this is third time this week. Tiger Moth felt very bad and says that he lost the bet to which Harold remarks since he won the bet, then he'll secure sleeping spot for the next year. Tiger Moth says it's not fair, but Harold say it is fair that he made a bet and he buzz away. Soon, Sir Topham Hatt arrives came to talk with Tiger Moth he was currently upset with him.

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