Keekre24/ThomasWoodenRailway Wiki


These road vehicles are minor characters and are yet to appear in Keekre24's series.


Bulgy's friend

Bulgy's friend came to take Duck's passengers as well as Bulgy taking them earlier. However, Bulgy soon learnt his lesson after getting stuck under a bridge!

No custom model has benn made for Bulgy's friend yet, however, it could be made from an extra Bulgy model.

Sodor Roadway Buses

These buses are the same class as Bertie, however, they are faceless. Keekre24 has not made any custom's, however, they could be made from extra Bertie models.


Traction engines

These are not part of TWR's series, bit they could be made from extra Trevor models.

Sodor breakdown company

These are also not part of Keekre24's series, but they could be made from extra Butch models.