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Mike the Arlesdale Engine is a Railway Series book. 


Well; I'm kind of getting tired of Railway Series books but I guess I can write more.

-The author


Toby and the New EngineEdit

When a new engine arrives on Sodor, Toby tends to befriend him; even though he is scared of certain things on the railway, they realize he doesn't have a tender even though he is a tender engine. But later he finds his tender and is a tender engine again.

Mike's Ice Cream PartyEdit

Mike has to take The Sodor Cookie Factory Cars. BoCo warns him, Mike listens; but the trucks are ready to cause deals of trouble.


Mike finds out Jock is coming to Sodor; soon he works hard and when Jock arrives he is pleased with Mike.

Mike Goes on StrikeEdit

Mike is upset that Thomas always gets the popular awards; and so he goes on strike planning to win the most-awards engine championship.

The Arlesdale RumorEdit

When Frank finds this out, a strange rumor from the Arlesdale Railway has been coming; but Frank, Mike and Toby realize they are the only 3 Arlesdale Railway engines (until Rex and Bert come along) this strange rumor keeps invading Sodor and no one knows who it is.


Trivia Edit

  • The first of the four stories take place in 2009. the events Tick-Tock-Jock takes place in 2010, and The Arlesdale Rumor takes place in 2011.
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