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Mighty Mac is a Blue Double-Ended Fairlie Locomotive who Works on The Skarloey Railway.


Mighty Mac is One of The Unusual engines on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway, He is Equipped with a face at Each eEnd,One of The Sides is called Mighty, as The other side is called Mac.


We first Met Them in "Double Trouble",and That was when They first arrived on Sodor.

They Had Not Been Appearing in Season 1 or Season 2, But They Have Appeared Since Season 3.


Season 3: Double Trouble.

Season 4: A Mighty Branchline.

Season 5:

Season 6:

Season 7:

Season 8:

Season 9: Special Tunnel.

Season 10:

Season 11: Wooden Brakes.

Season 12:

Season 13: Duck and the Quack Attack (cameo), Victor's Loco Motives (cameo)



-A Talk Between Mighty and Mac. Double Trouble, Third Season.


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