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The Magic Railroad is a railway that connects Sodor, Shining Time, and The Other Railway.

Magic Buffers

These buffers connect to the Magic Railroad.It leads to Shining Time but due to it leading to The Other Railway, Sir Topham Hatt had them be gaurded by the Flying Scotsman so that any diesels wouldn't be able to come to the railway.


Lady can use these buffers to communicate with the Sodor engines. This railway allowed Diesel 10 to launch attacks and escape from Sodor.

Due to the Sodor Magic Buffers' danger level, Sir Topham Hatt decided to have these buffers destroyed after witnessing Diesel 10's huge number of Diesels coming from the Other Railway. He instructed workmen to destroy them. Unfortunately, the buffers withstood all sorts of destructive techniques, including Byron the bulldozer. Shortly afterward, as if the prove Sir Topham Hatt's point (that the Magic Buffers were an unstable portal from the Other Railway), Norman appeared in front of the Magic Buffers and escaped into the Island of Sodor.



  • The Magic Buffers not only lead to Shining Time, but they alternately lead to the Other Railway, causing probelms such as engines (specifically Diesels) to come to the Island.
  • It is possible that when Spamcan and Bowler talked about "the exit of the railway", they where talking about these buffers.